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These are significant articles that have been gathered from the Internet. Where possible and if known, the original source material has been linked. The echo chamber of blogs and news sites referring back to or copying the source material are not listed. Some articles are listed simply because of the significance of the source.
Although they're not often removed, articles are frequently relocated within archives. In the event of a dead link, search Google for the title as a string, or start at the home page of the web-site and use local search capability. It's often easiest to get to the requisite home page by simply deleting the end of the article's URL in the browser's location window.
If you see a good article that you think should be listed, please let us know...

Article Key
 Tutorial & Survey Tutorial & Survey
 Forecast & Speculation Speculation & Forecast
Business & Industry Business & Industry
Custom Manufacturing Custom Manufacturing
 Case Studies Case Studies
 DIY & Consumer DIY & Consumer
 Legal Aspects Legal Aspects
 Stunt ! Stunt !

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  Date Web-site Title
Custom Manufacturing 5/5/15 Want China Times 3D printer makes space suit parts for Chinese astronauts
Business & Industry 5/4/15 CNN Money Louisville factory: 100 printers, 3 employees
Business & Industry 5/4/15 Design News Plastics Industry Is Hot for Conformal Cooling but Constrained by Additive Technologies
 Case Studies 5/2/15 Birmingham Mail Michael Spalding murder: 3D technology helped to convict killers
Business & Industry 5/1/15 Loveland Reporter-Herald 3-D printer maker 'growing like crazy'; Loveland's Aleph Objects sees a bright future as the worldwide market booms
Business & Industry 4/29/15 Nanalyze Investing in 3D Printing Filament Companies
 Case Studies 4/29/15 Verge 3D-printed airway splint saves three babies from imminent death
 Case Studies 4/29/15 Redstone Rocket Student-made windmill blade outdoes manufacturer
 Case Studies 4/28/15 Satellite Today SpaceX Falcon 9 Loft’s Thales Alenia Space-Built TurkmenÄlem52e/Monacosat Satellite
Business & Industry 4/27/15 Barron's 3D Systems Falling Flat
Business & Industry 4/24/15 Windows Central Microsoft will reveal info on new 3D printing file format during Build 2015
 Tutorial & Survey 4/24/15 TechCrunch Welcome To The Age Of 4D Printers
Custom Manufacturing 4/23/15 Product Design & Development New Class of 3D Printed Aerogels Improve Energy Storage
 Case Studies 4/22/15 Lab Manager 3-D Printed Blossoms a Growing Tool for Ecology
Custom Manufacturing 4/22/15 DFM01 Ouisa: the world’s first viable 3D printed road bike?
 DIY & Consumer 4/22/15 Gizmodo How I Finally Learned to Love 3D Printing
Custom Manufacturing 4/22/15 Mobiletor NASA develops world’s first 3D printed copper rocket engine part
Custom Manufacturing 4/22/15 PSFK Thousands of Interlocking Components Compose 3D-Printed Dresses
 Case Studies 4/22/15 Daily Mail See London like never before: Interactive model plots the capital's underground lines, iconic skyline and how the city has grown
Business & Industry 4/21/15 3D Printer Market Slowed Near End of First Quarter
 Legal Aspects 4/21/15 Courthouse News. 3-D Printing Law Sent to California Legislature
 Tutorial & Survey 4/21/15 Chemistry World Plant-inspired plastics take shape
 Tutorial & Survey 4/21/15 Selective laser melting embeds optical sensors into stainless steel
Business & Industry 4/20/15 Nature Foodies embrace 3D-printed cuisine; Printers unleash creative cookery, but will consumers bite?
 Case Studies 4/20/15 Herald Express 3D printer recreates bottle used in Alex Sosa murder trial
 Case Studies 4/20/15 Ward's Auto 3D Printing Allows FCA to Peer Into Soul of an Axle
 Tutorial & Survey 4/20/15 Medscape 3D Printing in Cardiovascular Medicine
 Case Studies 4/20/15 Wired UK Artist remakes legendary 'Tele-Snap' archive with 3D printer
 Tutorial & Survey 4/20/15 Eureka Alert Insects inspire next generation of hearing aids

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