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These are significant articles that have been gathered from the Internet. Where possible and if known, the original source material has been linked. The echo chamber of blogs and news sites referring back to or copying the source material are not listed. Some articles are listed simply because of the significance of the source.
Although they're not often removed, articles are frequently relocated within archives. In the event of a dead link, search Google for the title as a string, or start at the home page of the web-site and use local search capability. It's often easiest to get to the requisite home page by simply deleting the end of the article's URL in the browser's location window.
If you see a good article that you think should be listed, please let us know...

Article Key
 Tutorial & Survey Tutorial & Survey
 Forecast & Speculation Speculation & Forecast
Business & Industry Business & Industry
Custom Manufacturing Custom Manufacturing
 Case Studies Case Studies
 DIY & Consumer DIY & Consumer
 Legal Aspects Legal Aspects
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  Date Web-site Title
Business & Industry 3/2/15 In-Pharma Technologist 3D pill printing firm Aprecia leases Forest Labs site as production hub
 Forecast & Prediction 3/2/15 EP Magazine Adding Fuel To The Fire [The Promise of AM in the Oil Field]
Business & Industry 3/2/15 ECNS China releases plan for 3D printing industry
 Tutorial & Survey 3/2/15 3D Printing Progress 3-D printing of semiconductors for new technologies
 Case Studies 3/2/15 Tech Crunch A Biologist Gets Into 3D-Printed Eyelash Curlers Custom-Made For Every Woman’s Eyes
Custom Manufacturing 2/27/15 Campus Technology Princeton Uses 3D Printers for Custom Lab Equipment
Business & Industry 2/27/15 Venture Beat Sols aims to disrupt Dr. Scholl’s with $11M and 3D-printed insoles
Custom Manufacturing 2/25/15 Flight Global Australia's Monash University prints full-sized APU [Aux. Power Unit]
Business & Industry 2/25/15 The Register Amazon tries to patent 3D printers on trucks
 Tutorial & Survey 2/24/15 Powder Metallurgy Review Metal cutting and thermal spray forming in one machine
 Tutorial & Survey 2/24/15 Design World Underwriters Laboratories offers a resource for 3D printing info needs
 Case Studies 2/23/15 Nanowerk News 3-D printed guides can help restore function in damaged nerves
Business & Industry 2/22/15 Wall St. Journal 3-D Printers in a Jam; Valuations of companies leave plenty of risk in an industry prone to uneven performance
 Case Studies 2/20/15 The Engineer 3D Printing, Scanning Bring Insights to Stegosaurus Research
 Case Studies 2/19/15 New Scientist Robo-raven morphs its wings to back flip in mid-air
Custom Manufacturing 2/19/15 Flight Global Rolls-Royce to fly Trent XWB with largest-ever 3D-printed part
 Case Studies 2/18/15 Life News New 3D Fetal Models are Changing the Abortion Debate
 Case Studies 2/18/15 Tri-Valley Dispatch Scientists in Florida craft fly traps with 3D printer to fight greening
Custom Manufacturing 2/13/15 R&D Magazine 3-D Printing Blasts Off, Explodes Into the Future
Business & Industry 2/13/15 Barron's 3D Systems, Down 50%, Still Has Far to Fall
 Legal Aspects 2/13/15 JD Supra Some Ideas About 3D Printing [and Questions of Liabillity]
 Forecast & Prediction 2/12/15 Belvoir Eagle Writing a 3D printing roadmap for Force 2025
 Forecast & Prediction 2/12/15 Gizmag Next generation armor inspired by animal scales
 Tutorial & Survey 2/11/15 3D printing raises ethical issues in medicine
Business & Industry 2/11/15 Trade Arabia Chinese 3D printing firm wins big Egypt housing order
Business & Industry 2/10/15 Bostino MIT-Founded NVBots Banks $2M to Spread 3D Printing in Schools
Custom Manufacturing 2/6/15 MIT Technology Review Additive Manufacturing Is Reshaping Aviation
Business & Industry 2/6/15 Star Tribune Stratasys sued after earnings disappointment
 Legal Aspects 2/6/15 Above the Law Katy Perry’s Biglaw Firm Sends Out ‘Left Shark’ Cease & Desist Letter
 Tutorial & Survey 2/2/15 Medical Devices Online 3D-Printed Injection Molding: The Future Of Rapid Prototyping?
Business & Industry 1/26/15 Tech in Asia Kid-safe 3D printing pen CreoPop gets 6-digit investment led by 500 Startups
Business & Industry 1/26/15 China Post XYZprinting aims to dominate 3D printer market
 Tutorial & Survey 1/23/15 Modern Machine Shop Additive’s Idiosyncrasies; Additive manufacturing is not as easy as just hitting "print."
Custom Manufacturing 1/19/15 Daily Mail The villas created using 3D printers: £100,000 five-storey homes made using construction waste in China
Custom Manufacturing 1/19/15 3D Printed Houses Seen in China's Suzhou
Business & Industry 1/16/15 The Bull Oz Brewing's 3D takeover still alive
 Case Studies 1/15/15 BostInno An MIT Engineer’s New Sex Toy Intends to Close the 'Pleasure Gap' for Women
Custom Manufacturing 1/15/15 Puerto Rico market pilot set for Project Ara phone [but it won't be 3D printed]
Custom Manufacturing 1/14/15 TechSpot Google to launch Project Ara as a pilot later this year in Puerto Rico [But abondons 3D printing for manufacturing]
Business & Industry 1/13/15 3D Printing Industry Exposing a 3D Printing Company as a Complete Fraud: Changing Technologies Inc.
 Tutorial & Survey 1/9/15 Science Times Pop-Up Printing Techniques in the Age of 3D Printing
 Case Studies 1/9/15 Dr. Bicuspid Doctors implant Syrian man with titanium jaw
 Case Studies 1/9/15 IB Times Cirque du Soleil uses 3D-printing to guarantee 18,000 costumes have a perfect fit
 Tutorial & Survey 1/6/15 Want China Times BLT of Xi'an builds revolutionary metal 3D printing business

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