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These are significant articles that have been gathered from the Internet. Where possible and if known, the original source material has been linked. The echo chamber of blogs and news sites referring back to or copying the source material are not listed. Some articles are listed simply because of the significance of the source.
Although they're not often removed, articles are frequently relocated within archives. In the event of a dead link, search Google for the title as a string, or start at the home page of the web-site and use local search capability. It's often easiest to get to the requisite home page by simply deleting the end of the article's URL in the browser's location window.
If you see a good article that you think should be listed, please let us know...

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 Tutorial & Survey Tutorial & Survey
 Forecast & Speculation Speculation & Forecast
Business & Industry Business & Industry
Custom Manufacturing Custom Manufacturing
 Case Studies Case Studies
 DIY & Consumer DIY & Consumer
 Legal Aspects Legal Aspects
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  Date Web-site Title
Business & Industry 9/9/15 Michelin & Fives Team to Enter 3D Metal Printing Space in a Big Way Via Joint Venture
 Legal Aspects 9/8/15 The Atlantic The International Fight Over Marcel Duchamp's Chess Set
Business & Industry 9/4/15 Barron's Blog 3D Printers Still ‘Overly Expensive’, Competition Will Hurt Pricing: Pacific Crest
Business & Industry 9/3/15 Fortune Alcoa makes a big bet on 3D printing
Custom Manufacturing 8/27/15 Engadget NASA's 3D-printed rocket pump passes brutal stress test
 Tutorial & Survey 8/26/15 Gizmag 3D-printed microscopic fish could be forerunners to smart "microbots"
 Tutorial & Survey 8/25/15 ComputerWorld MIT builds a 3D printer that can use 10 materials at once
 Tutorial & Survey 8/21/15 Wired We can now 3D-print glass -- and it looks amazing
 Forecast & Prediction 8/18/15 Tech Insider 3D printing has expanded much faster than expected [According to Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies]
 Legal Aspects 8/17/15 InfoJustice The Patent Case that Threatens the Internet
Business & Industry 8/13/15 Forbes Italian E-Motorcycle Maker Energica Challenges Harley
Business & Industry 8/6/15 Wall St. Journal 3-D Printer Firms Fall Flat, as Buyers Wait for New Models
8/5/15 Seatrade Maritime News China’s breakthrough in 3D printing for shipbuilding
Custom Manufacturing 8/1/15 Daily Camera Boulder scientists develop 3D-printed weather stations to meet global deficit
 Forecast & Prediction 7/31/15 Forbes 3D Food Printing: Is It Ready for Luxury Dining?
Custom Manufacturing 7/30/15 Fortune Chattanooga startup wants to 3D print your future house
 Forecast & Prediction 7/30/15 Quartz 3D printing is not the miracle we were promised
 Legal Aspects 7/29/15 National Law Review Printing a Verdict -- The Power of 3D Printed Evidence at Trial
 DIY & Consumer 7/28/15 Geek Dad 3 Days With the 3rd Generation Cube
Custom Manufacturing 7/27/15 Canadian Underwriter More than a third of polled U.K. consumers want personalized products, manufacturers rethinking supply chains
 Tutorial & Survey 7/26/15 Biotech in Asia Opportunities, Challenges and Future of 3D Bioprinting
 Tutorial & Survey 7/25/15 Design News 3D Printing Could Make Better Fiber Optics
 Tutorial & Survey 7/24/15 Vanderbilt University Experts address promises and problems of 3D printing large structures
 DIY & Consumer 7/23/14 Forbes Why Buying A 3D Printer Might Make You Scream
Custom Manufacturing 7/21/15 Product Design & Development 3D Printed Shoes Make Strides Toward Customization
 DIY & Consumer 7/21/15 Computerworld Review: The Nobel 1.0 -- stereolithographic 3D printing on the cheap
 DIY & Consumer 7/21/15 Tom's Guide XYZ Nobel 1.0 3D Printer Review
 Case Studies 7/21/15 Food Safety News UC Berkeley Engineers Devise 3D-Printed ‘Smart Cap’ to Check Safety of Milk, Juice
 Tutorial & Survey 7/20/15 Packaging Digest 3D printing’s future in packaging is promising
 Legal Aspects 7/17/15 Liberty News Now 3D Printed Gun Designer [Cody Wilson] Files Lawsuit
 Case Studies 7/16/15 International Business Times 3D printing used to pre-emptively treat unborn babies in the womb for spina bifida
Custom Manufacturing 7/13/15 Raytheon News To Print a Missile
 Tutorial & Survey 7/13/15 Geosynthetica The Role of 3D Printing in Geosynthetics
Business & Industry 7/13/15 Wall St. Journal Blogs How 3-D-Printed Food Could Change the Kitchen
Business & Industry 7/12/15 Hackaday 3D Printering: The Makerbot Class Action Suit
 Case Studies 7/10/15 Product Design & Development A Jump for Soft-Bodied Robots
 DIY & Consumer 7/9/15 Tom's Guide TierTime UpBox 3D Printer Review
 Legal Aspects 7/9/15 Intellectual Property Watch 3D Printing And Public Policy
Custom Manufacturing 7/9/15 Tech Times Local Motors Unveils The Design Of Highway-Ready 3D-Printed Car
Custom Manufacturing 7/9/15 Korea Joongang Daily Classic couture meets the latest technology in show [Most Accurate Description]
Custom Manufacturing 7/9/15 Pursuitist Chanel Gambles With A Casino Themed Fall-Winter 2015/16 Haute Couture Show {Best Pictures of Show Above]
Custom Manufacturing 7/8/15 Slashgear Amazon now offering customized, 3D-printed video game characters
 Tutorial & Survey 7/7/15 Echo Examiner. 15-Million-Year-Old Monkey Skull Discovered and Analyzed
Custom Manufacturing 7/2/15 Engineering & Technology 3D printing to improve properties of optical fibres
Business & Industry 6/29/15 Boston Business Journal Knee replacement firm [ConforMIS] to hold downsized $135M IPO
 Tutorial & Survey 6/30/15 Gizmag Brick-laying robot can build a full-sized house in two days
Custom Manufacturing 6/30/15 Woodworking Network First 3D Printed Office to Be Built in Dubai
 Tutorial & Survey 6/29/15 Gizmag Wonder-ink could soon let you 3D print objects out of stretchy graphene
 Case Studies 6/27/15 ScienceNetwork WA 3D printer churns out handheld underground water model
 Tutorial & Survey 6/26/15 Alphr XYZprinting da Vinci Jr review; A 3D printer for everyone
Business & Industry 6/25/15 Dezeen 3D printing has stagnated, says pioneering designer Francis Bitonti
 Tutorial & Survey 6/25/15 Plastics Today Additive manufacturing takes conformal cooling to new heights
 Tutorial & Survey 6/24/15 Digital Trends Scientists built a 3D printer that can print objects smaller than red blood cells
 Case Studies 6/24/15 Stackyard High Tech Collar Brings the Wearables Revolution to Cows
 Tutorial & Survey 6/24/15 EurekAlert Silica 'spiky screws' could enhance industrial coatings, additive manufacturing
 Case Studies 6/22/15 Tech Times Same Technique Owls Use For Silent Flight Could Make Wind Turbines Quieter
 Tutorial & Survey 6/19/15 MIT Technology Review Solving the Last Great 3-D Printing Challenge: Printing in Color
 Case Studies 6/19/15 Gizmodo 3D-Printed Flutes Can Produce Notes that Regular Flutes Can't
 Tutorial & Survey 6/19/15 AZOM The Use of Microscopy in Additive Manufacturing [Sponsored content from Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH]
Business & Industry 6/19/15 PlasticsToday Evonik bets on success of 3D-printed insoles startup
Business & Industry 6/19/15 Space Flight Insider NASA signs SAA with Aerojet Rocketdyne to use Stennis test stand for AR1 engine
 Case Studies 6/18/15 Digital Journal Making ‘smart bandages’ with ink-jet printing
Custom Manufacturing 6/18/15 Bostinno NextGen Introduces the First Chef's Knife to Perfectly Fit Your Hand
 DIY & Consumer 6/18/15 TechRepublic Why desktop 3D printing still sucks
Business & Industry 6/18/15 Triangle Business Journal Minnesota 3-D company pledges 170 new jobs in Wake County
Business & Industry 6/17/15 Nanalyze A Warning About Crowdfunding
 Tutorial & Survey 6/17/15 New Electronics Cellulose based circuits can be 3D printed
Business & Industry 6/16/15 Globes Israel Objet founders sue over Stratasys merger
Business & Industry 6/13/15 Youngstown Vindicator Additive manufacturing program to receive $10 million in funding
 Tutorial & Survey 6/12/15 Tech Times HP Outs Affordable 3D Scanning Solution But You Need HP Sprout To Use It
 Case Studies 6/12/15 Gizmag MX3D gets go-ahead for 3D-printed bridge in Amsterdam
 DIY & Consumer 6/12/15 AutoChannel Print Your Favorite Ford Vehicle at Home: Ford First Automaker to Open One-Stop 3D Shop Online

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