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These are significant articles that have been gathered from the Internet. Where possible and if known, the original source material has been linked. The echo chamber of blogs and news sites referring back to or copying the source material are not listed. Some articles are listed simply because of the significance of the source.
Although they're not often removed, articles are frequently relocated within archives. In the event of a dead link, search Google for the title as a string, or start at the home page of the web-site and use local search capability. It's often easiest to get to the requisite home page by simply deleting the end of the article's URL in the browser's location window.
If you see a good article that you think should be listed, please let us know...

Article Key
 Tutorial & Survey Tutorial & Survey
 Forecast & Speculation Speculation & Forecast
Business & Industry Business & Industry
Custom Manufacturing Custom Manufacturing
 Case Studies Case Studies
 DIY & Consumer DIY & Consumer
 Legal Aspects Legal Aspects
 Stunt ! Stunt !

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  Date Web-site Title
Business & Industry 1/26/15 Tech in Asia Kid-safe 3D printing pen CreoPop gets 6-digit investment led by 500 Startups
Business & Industry 1/26/15 China Post XYZprinting aims to dominate 3D printer market
 Tutorial & Survey 1/23/15 Modern Machine Shop Additive’s Idiosyncrasies; Additive manufacturing is not as easy as just hitting "print."
Custom Manufacturing 1/19/15 Daily Mail The villas created using 3D printers: £100,000 five-storey homes made using construction waste in China
Custom Manufacturing 1/19/15 3D Printed Houses Seen in China's Suzhou
Business & Industry 1/16/15 The Bull Oz Brewing's 3D takeover still alive
 Case Studies 1/15/15 BostInno An MIT Engineer’s New Sex Toy Intends to Close the 'Pleasure Gap' for Women
Custom Manufacturing 1/15/15 Puerto Rico market pilot set for Project Ara phone [but it won't be 3D printed]
Custom Manufacturing 1/14/15 TechSpot Google to launch Project Ara as a pilot later this year in Puerto Rico [But abondons 3D printing for manufacturing]
Business & Industry 1/13/15 3D Printing Industry Exposing a 3D Printing Company as a Complete Fraud: Changing Technologies Inc.
 Tutorial & Survey 1/9/15 Science Times Pop-Up Printing Techniques in the Age of 3D Printing
 Case Studies 1/9/15 Dr. Bicuspid Doctors implant Syrian man with titanium jaw
 Case Studies 1/9/15 IB Times Cirque du Soleil uses 3D-printing to guarantee 18,000 costumes have a perfect fit
 Tutorial & Survey 1/6/15 Want China Times BLT of Xi'an builds revolutionary metal 3D printing business
 DIY & Consumer 12/23/14 Wired Hoover partners with MakerBot to offer 3D printable accessories
 Tutorial & Survey 12/18/14 Korea Times World's first nano 3D printer developed by KERI team
Custom Manufacturing 12/17/14 Aerospace Technology Aerojet Rocketdyne successfully tests 3D-printed propulsion system
Business & Industry 12/16/14 Chicago Tribune Impossible Objects, a next-gen 3D print company, raises $2.8 million
 DIY & Consumer 12/10/14 IEEE Spectrum iRobot Announces Create 2: An Updated, Hackable Roomba [with 3D Printed Parts]
Custom Manufacturing 12/8/14 Daily Times China produces first space-based 3D printing machine
 Case Studies 12/8/14 Mirror Bionic bra becomes more supportive as the breasts start to bounce
Business & Industry 12/8/14 Int'l Business Times Royal Mail to trial in-store 3D printing services in London post office
Business & Industry 12/4/14 Yahoo Business 3D Systems' SEC Filing Detailing a Settlement with Formlabs
Business & Industry 12/3/14 3D Print HP and Autodesk Announce Partnership to Bring Spark Platform to HP’s New 3D Printers
Business & Industry 12/2/14 3D Print Autodesk Begins Taking Orders for Their Ember 3D Printer
Business & Industry 12/2/14 TechCrunch 3D Systems v. Formlabs Patent Lawsuit Dismissed
Business & Industry 12/2/14 Boston Business Journal Somerville's Formlabs, 3D Systems settle patent lawsuit
 Tutorial & Survey 12/2/14 Chemistry World 3D nanoprinting pen
 Tutorial & Survey 12/1/14 The Space Review The promises and perils of space-based additive manufacturing
Custom Manufacturing 11/26/14 The Construction Index Skanska sets up 3D printing partnership for concrete sections
 Case Studies 11/25/14 MedCityNews Using 3D printing to customize heart aneurysm surgery: Aortica nabs $7M
 Case Studies 11/25/14 Dezeen Neri Oxman creates wearable 3D-printed structures for interplanetary voyages
 Legal Aspects 11/24/14 Wired Many retailers can legally force suppliers to switch to 3D printing
 DIY & Consumer 11/24/14 Technabob 3D Printed Accessories Turn Vegetables into Toys: Vegatron
Business & Industry 11/23/14 Financial Times Regulatory concerns hold back 3D printing on safety
 Tutorial & Survey 11/21/14 Financial Times Surgeons embrace 3D printed implants to save NHS time and cash
Business & Industry 11/20/14 Motley Fool Expert Opinion: 3 Common Misconceptions About 3D Printing
 Tutorial & Survey 11/20/14 Recycling Portal Carbios depolymerizes 90 percent of PLA material in 48 hours by enzymatic process
Business & Industry 11/20/14 Aerospace Manuf. & Design Element opens additive manufacturing testing methods center
Custom Manufacturing 11/19/14 The Independent Kicking Barbie's butt: How the growth of 3D printing enabled me to make an army of custom-made figurines []
 Forecast & Prediction 11/18/14 Gizmodo Not Even Martha Stewart Can Take 3D Printing Mainstream
Business & Industry 11/17/14 Reuters / PE Hub Riverside buys Fisher/Unitech
Business & Industry 11/17/14 Albuquerque Business First Sigma Labs reports net losses
Business & Industry 11/17/14 Harvard Univ. Jennifer A. Lewis named Foreign Policy Global Thinker; 3D printing pioneer honored among innovators "for showing how ink could reshape the future"
Business & Industry 11/14/14 Seeking Alpha Voxeljet's (VJET) CEO Ingo Ederer on Q3 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Business & Industry 11/13/14 Seeking Alpha ExOne Company's CEO Discusses Q3 2014 Earnings Results - Earnings Call Transcript
 Case Studies 11/13/14 designboom Jonty Hurwitz's nano sculptures are the same scale as a human sperm
Custom Manufacturing 11/13/14 Gizmag Youbionic developing low-cost 3D-printed bionic hand
 Stunt ! 11/12/14 East London Lines Are man-made men the way to find east London love?
 Case Studies 11/11/14 N.J. man uses 3D printer to make replica WWII bomb
Business & Industry 11/10/14 Seeking Alpha 3D Systems Corp. (NYSE:DDD) Q3 2014 Results Earnings Conference Call
Custom Manufacturing 11/10/14 Canadian Jewish News Prof goes viral with 3D-printed kippah
Business & Industry 11/10/14 TelecomPaper Spain grants HP over EUR 21 million in funds for 3D printing R&D
 Case Studies 11/8/14 CNET 3D-printed 'Lacelamps' throw wild patterns on the walls
Business & Industry 11/7/14 Pittsburgh Business Times PieceMaker to pilot 3-D printing kiosks at Toys'R'Us locations
Custom Manufacturing 11/5/14 New York Times Watchmakers Turn to 3-D Printing
 DIY & Consumer  Legal Aspects 11/5/14 Wired The Bullet That Could Make 3-D Printed Guns Practical Deadly Weapons
Business & Industry 11/5/14 3DPrint iMakr to Remove Latest MakerBot 3D Printers From Store Shelves Due to Dissatisfied Customers
Business & Industry 11/5/14 Industry Week [Industry Week] 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee: Carl Deckard [Laser Sintering inventor]
Business & Industry 11/5/14 Xconomy Formlabs Grows, Counts Millions in Sales Despite Patent Lawsuit
 Tutorial & Survey 11/5/14 Extreme Tech Princeton creates a custom 3D printer that prints quantum dot LEDs from scratch
 Tutorial & Survey 11/5/14 Machinery Friction-stir additive layer manufacturing project aims to slash titanium material wastage, boost production speed
 DIY & Consumer 10/30/14 Washington Post The White House is getting a 3D-printed Christmas ornament
Business & Industry 10/29/14 Forbes HP's 3D Print Breakthrough Could Push Rivals 'Out of Business'
Business & Industry 10/29/14 ZD Net HP to enter 3D printing market in 2016: Will customers wait?
Business & Industry 10/29/14 Gizmodo HP Just Launched Its Own Super-Fast 3D Printer
Business & Industry 10/29/14 NY Times Blogs HP Unveils Plan to Make 3-D Printing an Everyday Thing
Business & Industry 10/29/14 Tom's Hardware HP Reveals Innovative 'sprout' Platform With 3D Scanning, Teases Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Technology
 Forecast & Prediction 10/29/14 Benzinga The Myth Of A 3D Printer In Every Home
 Tutorial & Survey 10/28/14 Industrial Strength 3D Printers: Matsuura Machinery [Review and development of the company's hybrid AM/subtractive technology.]
 DIY & Consumer 10/27/14 Tom's Guide XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 AiO 3D Printer/Scanner Review: Mixed
Business & Industry 10/24/14 Mashable MakerBot CEO: No New Hardware at CES
Business & Industry 10/24/14 BRW (Australia) Disrupt Surfing and Toyprint among start-ups riding 3D printing wave
 Case Studies 10/23/14 Forbes Husband And Wife Team Unveil The World's First 3D-Printed Graphene Battery
 Case Studies 10/20/14 Nextgov Feds Use New 3-D Printer to Create Bomb-Sniffing Artificial Dog Noses
 Legal Aspects 10/20/14 Channel News Asia Japan jails man for making guns with 3D printer
 Case Studies 10/17/14 WBZ-TV Bedford Company [ConforMIS] Using 3D Printer To Make Customized Knee Implants
Custom Manufacturing 10/17/14 Navy Beefs Up 3D Printing Efforts with New 'Print the Fleet' Program

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