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These are significant articles that have been gathered from the Internet. Where possible and if known, the original source material has been linked. The echo chamber of blogs and news sites referring back to or copying the source material are not listed. Some articles are listed simply because of the significance of the source.
Although they're not often removed, articles are frequently relocated within archives. In the event of a dead link, search Google for the title as a string, or start at the home page of the web-site and use local search capability. It's often easiest to get to the requisite home page by simply deleting the end of the article's URL in the browser's location window.
If you see a good article that you think should be listed, please let us know...

Article Key
 Tutorial & Survey Tutorial & Survey
 Forecast & Speculation Speculation & Forecast
Business & Industry Business & Industry
Custom Manufacturing Custom Manufacturing
 Case Studies Case Studies
 DIY & Consumer DIY & Consumer
 Legal Aspects Legal Aspects
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  Date Web-site Title
Business & Industry 10/29/14 Forbes HP's 3D Print Breakthrough Could Push Rivals 'Out of Business'
Business & Industry 10/29/14 ZD Net HP to enter 3D printing market in 2016: Will customers wait?
Business & Industry 10/29/14 Gizmodo HP Just Launched Its Own Super-Fast 3D Printer
Business & Industry 10/29/14 NY Times Blogs HP Unveils Plan to Make 3-D Printing an Everyday Thing
Business & Industry 10/29/14 Tom's Hardware HP Reveals Innovative 'sprout' Platform With 3D Scanning, Teases Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Technology
 Forecast & Prediction 10/29/14 Benzinga The Myth Of A 3D Printer In Every Home
 Tutorial & Survey 10/28/14 Industrial Strength 3D Printers: Matsuura Machinery [Review and development of the company's hybrid AM/subtractive technology.]
 DIY & Consumer 10/27/14 Tom's Guide XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 AiO 3D Printer/Scanner Review: Mixed
Business & Industry 10/24/14 Mashable MakerBot CEO: No New Hardware at CES
Business & Industry 10/24/14 BRW (Australia) Disrupt Surfing and Toyprint among start-ups riding 3D printing wave
 Case Studies 10/23/14 Forbes Husband And Wife Team Unveil The World's First 3D-Printed Graphene Battery
 Case Studies 10/20/14 Nextgov Feds Use New 3-D Printer to Create Bomb-Sniffing Artificial Dog Noses
 Legal Aspects 10/20/14 Channel News Asia Japan jails man for making guns with 3D printer
 Case Studies 10/17/14 WBZ-TV Bedford Company [ConforMIS] Using 3D Printer To Make Customized Knee Implants
Custom Manufacturing 10/17/14 Navy Beefs Up 3D Printing Efforts with New 'Print the Fleet' Program
 Tutorial & Survey 10/15/14 Deign Engineering ORNL develops micro-scale 3D metal printing process
 DIY & Consumer 10/15/14 Tree Hugger Solar 3D printers take manufacturing off the grid
Custom Manufacturing 10/15/14 Int'l Business Times Italian Firm Aims to Solve Global Housing Crisis With 20ft-Tall 3D Printer That Prints Mud Homes
Business & Industry 10/15/14 Plastics Today Arburg: more efficiency, higher productivity leads to excellent results [Release schedule for the company’s FreeFormer]
 Case Studies 10/15/14 Packaging Digest How 3D printing empowers packaging operations
 Case Studies 10/14/14 Oak Ridge Nat. Lab. New ORNL electric vehicle technology packs more punch in smaller package
Business & Industry 10/14/14 India Times Wipro takes baby steps into $6 bn world of 3D printing with lone printer
 Forecast & Prediction 10/14/14 Engineering and Technology Magazine Mars One settlement would perish in weeks [3D printing just ain’t good enough…]
 Case Studies 10/13/14 Wired $34K Electric Italian Superbike Has Style on Top of Power [Developed by CRP Group using AM]
 Case Studies 10/13/14 Daily Star First 3D [Printed Space] craft set for take-off
Business & Industry 10/13/14 Washington Post The economics of building a factory in Brooklyn — to be near the cool kids
 Tutorial & Survey 10/12/14 Parade How 3-D Printing is Transforming Everything from Medicine to Manufacturing
Business & Industry 10/12/14 Nanalyze Is Zecotek Photonics a 3D Printing Company?
 Legal Aspects 10/10/14 JD Supra 3D Printing: Potential Patent Law Problems, Other IP Law Protections
 Case Studies 10/9/14 Newswise Sculpting Costumes with 3D Printers is 'the Way Theater Is Headed,' Say Theater Education Experts at Baylor
 DIY & Consumer 10/8/14 Tom's Guide Formlabs Form 1+ 3D Printer Review
 Tutorial & Survey 10/8/14 How metallic alloys reorganize during microscale laser melting processes
 Tutorial & Survey 10/8/14 MIT Technology Review How 3-D Printing is Revolutionizing the Display of Big Data
 DIY & Consumer 10/6/14 GigaOm Thinking about buying a 3D printer from a crowdfunding website? Take a look at this data first
Business & Industry 10/6/14 PC World HP split will force PC group to learn discipline or face irrelevance
Business & Industry 10/6/14 Yahoo Business HP Business Split Confirmed: Focus on 3D Printing, Corporate Computing and 'New Experiences'
 Case Studies 10/3/14 Fashionista How Iris van Herpen's Ice-like 3-D Printed Dress Was Created
Business & Industry 10/2/14 Jewish Business News Stratasys Opens New Israeli 3D Plant and Boasting High Q2 Earnings
 Case Studies 10/1/14 International Business Times Cosplayer Uses 3D-Printing to Create Realistic Varia Suit from Metroid Prime 3 Video Game
 Tutorial & Survey 9/30/14 Boston Globe Is 3-D food printing the next microwave?
 Tutorial & Survey 9/30/14 Nanowerk News A novel liquid phase 3-D printing method using low melting metal alloy ink
Business & Industry 9/30/14 ECNS China expects to unveil first 3D printing industry plan within year
Business & Industry 9/30/14 ComputerWorld China's 3D printing market to quadruple
 Case Studies 9/25/14 Plastics Today Have another hit: Israeli startup develops medical marijuana inhaler
Business & Industry 9/24/14 Wall Street Sector Selector Rising Tide Floats 3D Printing Boats; A rising tide of sewage in Detroit led to an abrupt, multimillion-dollar deal for 3D systems, which gave two other 3D printing stocks a lift.
Custom Manufacturing 9/24/14 Lab Manager 3D-Printed Lab Equipment Stretches Research Budgets
Business & Industry 9/24/14 Flight Global Morris explains how GE came to embrace 3D printing
Business & Industry 9/24/14 Xconomy The Story Behind GrabCAD’s Acquisition: MakerBot, Motives, & More
 DIY & Consumer 9/22/14 Tom's Guide Orbit 1 Device Coats 3D-Printed Objects in Metal
 Case Studies 9/19/14 University of Sheffield University launches world's first photographs taken with telescope made by 3D printing
Business & Industry 9/19/14 Hedge Week STOXX launches 3D Printing Daily Tradable Short Index
 Case Studies 9/19/14 Med Device Online 3D Printing Transforms Cellphone Into A Microscope
 Tutorial & Survey 9/19/14 New Electronics RRAM memory 3D printed onto paper
Business & Industry 9/17/14 Sports Business Daily NBA Kings Among First Pro Teams To Begin Experimenting With 3D Printing Technology
 Case Studies 9/17/14 Globalpost 3D printing used in Tian'anmen national day flower designs
 Case Studies 9/16/14 Product Design & Development 3D Printed Fossils & Rocks Could Transform Geology
 Forecast & Prediction 9/16/14 MIT Technology Review How to Build 3-D Printing; One of the most promising new manufacturing technologies still faces big hurdles
 DIY & Consumer 9/16/14 Rocket News Weekly magazine "My 3D Printer" will put one in your hands by next year, much assembly required
Business & Industry 9/15/14 Arctic Startup Volumental Raises $3M and Pivots to Find the Perfect Fit for your Feet
 Tutorial & Survey 9/12/14 Industrial Laser Solutions Process monitoring in laser additive manufacturing
Business & Industry 9/10/14 Sydney Morning Herald Big Oil stands by as con man swindles East Timor [The Saga of Bobby Boye, felon, and a 3D Systems ex-employee.]
 Case Studies 9/8/14 Frank Lloyd Wright Chapel Gets a 3D-Printed Restoration
 Case Studies 9/8/14 Creative Review A2 & New North Press’ 3D-printed letterpress font
 Stunt ! 9/8/14 Chicago Tribune Engineers building car with 3-D printer at McCormick Place
 Tutorial & Survey 9/5/14 Tech Times Zero-gravity 3D printer heading to ISS
 DIY & Consumer 9/4/14 CNET 3Doodler printing pen hits 100,000 sales, gets new foot-pedal accessory
Business & Industry 9/4/14 3DPrint MakerBot’s Bre Pettis to Step Down as CEO in Order to Head up New ‘Innovation Workshop’ at Stratasys
Business & Industry 9/1/14 ZD Net RMIT stakes claim to 'world's first' rapid 3D nanoscale printer
 DIY & Consumer 8/31/14 GigaOm Formlabs Form 1+ review: a workhorse for 3D printer users who care about quality
 Case Studies 8/28/14 IEEE Spectrum Disney Research Patents ETH Zurich's PuppetCopter
 Case Studies 8/28/14 Daily Mail Farmer left with a chunk missing from his skull after horrific fall has it rebuilt by 3D printer
Business & Industry 8/28/14 Tech Crunch The Promise And Perils Of 3D Printer Popularity
 DIY & Consumer 8/27/14 Tom's Guide iMaterialise 3D Print Service Review
 DIY & Consumer 8/27/14 Tom's Guide Cubify Cloud 3D Printing Service Review
 DIY & Consumer 8/27/14 Tom's Guide Sculpteo 3D Printing Service Review
 DIY & Consumer 8/27/14 Tom's Guide Shapeways 3D Printing Service Review
 Stunt ! 8/27/14 Moscow Times Russians 3D-Printing Underwear After Lace Ban
 Tutorial & Survey 8/26/14 Wall St. Journal Roots of a High-Tech Revolution; Chuck Hull, the inventor of the 3-D printer, learned determination growing up on a Colorado farm...
 Tutorial & Survey 8/24/14 Earth Magazine Changing the landscape: Geoscientists embrace 3-D printing
 Case Studies 8/23/14 RedOrbit Louisiana Tech Researchers Use 3D Printers To Create Custom Medical Implants

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