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6139574: Vascularized tissue regeneration matrices formed by solid free form fabrication techniques

INVENTORS: Vacanti; Joseph P. (Winchester, MA); Cima; Linda G. (Lexington, MA); Cima; Michael J. (Lexington, MA).

ASSIGNEES: Children's Medical Center Corporation (Boston, MA); Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA).

U.S. CLASS: 623/1.44; 600/36; 623/1.39; 623/1.41; 623/901

ABSTRACT: Solid free-form fabrication (SFF) methods are used to manufacture devices for allowing tissue regeneration and for seeding and implanting cells to form organ and structural components, which can additionally provide controlled release of bioactive agents, wherein the matrix is characterized by a network of lumens functionally equivalent to the naturally occurring vasculature of the tissue formed by the implanted cells, and which can be lined with endothelial cells and coupled to blood vessels at the time of implantation to form a vascular network throughout the matrix. The SFF methods can be adapted for use with a variety of polymeric, inorganic and composite materials to create structures with defined compositions, strengths, and densities, using computer aided design (CAD). Examples of SFF methods include stereo-lithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), ballistic particle manufacturing (BPM), fusion deposition modeling (FDM), and three dimensional printing (3DP). XX

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