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5728345 : Method for making an electrode for electrical discharge machining by use of a stereolithography model

INVENTORS: Hlavaty; David Gerard, Northville, MI Ashtiani-Zarandi; Mansour, Birmingham, MI

ASSIGNEES: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, MI

U.S. CLASS: 264/401

ABSTRACT: The present invention provides an improved method for rapidly making an electrode for electrical discharge machining. According to the invention, a stereolithography process is used to make a cured resin model of the electrode and having a network of interconnected supporting members defining the shape of the electrode and leaving channels between the supporting members to drain away uncured resin from the model. After the model is fully cured and the uncured resin drained away, a slurry mixture of graphite and resin is infiltrated into the voids of the model. The resin is then heat cured so that the resin is burned away leaving the electrode of pure carbon. Alternatively, the graphite and resin mixture can be cured sufficiently to harden and then an electrically conductive metalized coating is applied on the outer surface.XX

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