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7093542: Warhead with integral, direct-manufactured features

INVENTORS: Gousman; Kenneth G. (Palmdale, CA), Van Weelden; Scott D. (Lancaster, CA), Rosenberger; Brian T. (Aledo, TX)

ASSIGNEES: Lockheed Martin Corporation (Bethesda, MD)

U.S. CLASS: 102/493 Current International Class: F42B 12/22 (20060101)

ABSTRACT: Warhead structures and features are fabricated using direct manufacturing technologies, a method for fabricating bulk warhead structures by sequential and additive deposition of melted feedstock layers. Suitable energy sources for melting the feedstock can be various high energy density technologies including laser, electron beam, plasma arc deposition, and the like. The high energy density in combination with high cooling rates results in structures with homogeneous microstructures. The feedstock can be in the form of wire or powder and is applied to a substrate by introduction to a molten pool on the substrate, accumulating to additively combine with the substrate. The approach provides for warhead structures with singular and combined unique features to include: integral constructions, tailored fragmentation patterns, use of dissimilar materials for special effects, and variable material property constructions for enhanced performance. XX

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