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3D Concepts J-P Scanning 3D concepts offers proven technology based affordable solution as well as services to help you stay ahead in cut through competition in this global market place. We are specialized in printing 3D physical models direct from CAD model using innovative technologies and equipments to produce high quality prototypes and short-series production parts. / India

3Delivered Inc. SLA 3DP J-P [Also has an office in PA, USA.] / India

3D Product Development SLA FDM We are a Rapid Prototyping service bureau running FDM 3000 and SLA 5000 systems. We also provide vacuum casting, investment casting, and Rapid Tooling services. We are based in India and also have a sales office in Cincinnati, OH USA. By having our operational facility in India, we are able to combine state-of-the-art technology with low cost for US customers. / India

ACTech Liaison Office GmbH (Advanced Casting Technologies) SLS Direct Croning® is a generative process where foundry-use Croning® sand is 'sintered' in layers. The molds and cores that are produced in this way are suitable for casting in all sand-casting alloys and the resulting qualities are identical with series pieces. (in German and English) / India

Alfanar Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd. SLS Alfanar Engineering services India Pvt., Ltd. offers services in Rapid prototyping using EOS - Formiga P 100. / India

Camsys Technologies J-P 3DP We are a rapid prototyping service bureau running an Objet Eden 330 RP system and a color 3D printer (India's first). We also provide vacuum casting and metal castings. We operate from India and all overseas customers can really benefit from our high technology services. / India

Central Tool Room (Ludhiana) SLS We are one of the leading RP service providers in India with SLS (Vanguard HS) capability and an MCP vacuum casting system. / India

CMTI - Central Manufacturing Technology Institute SLS Scanning / India

Creative Infocom Pvt. Ltd. SLA SLS FDM Scanning / India

Divija Technologies Scanning We provide services in reverse engineering using a FARO Laser scanner and also inspection services using portable 8 ft, seven-axis machine. / India

G-Plast Private Limited SLS G-Plast Private Limited is a technology oriented ISO 9000 company based in South India. We are a one-stop shop offering services in the fields of CAD/CAM - rapid prototyping - tooling - plastic moulding - die casting - precision machining. Our functional prototypes are used in the fields of electrical and electronics, medical, automobiles, domestic appliances, etc. / India

GKS Inspection Services Scanning GKS Inspection Services provides worldwide, 3D laser scanning services for Inspection and Reverse Engineering including Class A Surfacing using Laser Design 3D laser scanners. In the Detroit area, GKS also offers on-site inspection, conventional, A2LA accredited metrology services with CMMs, portable CMMs, 2D vision systems, optical comparators and other measurement devices. / India

iKix 3D Prints Private Limited 3DP [Specializes in architectural applications.] / India

Imaginarium (India) Pvt. Ltd. SLA SLS J-P The largest Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing service center in India. Our core team possesses over 30 years of combined Rapid Prototyping experience, and our extended team includes Engineers, CAD-CAM experts, Mould makers, QC specialists, Casting and Paint shop experts. We now cater to all industries from jewelry to architecture, automotive, electronics, home appliances, consumer goods, medical, foundries & even aerospace. / India

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur FDM SGC Scanning We have the following additional facilities available: various solid modelers, MCP silcone vacuum casting and low melting alloy systems, TAFA metal arc spray gun, CAM software programs, robotic FARO arm for RE, Surfacer and AnthroCAM for generation of Surface models. / India

Lelogix Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Scanning / India

Marco Polo Products Private Limited FDM SLS SLA Scanning The company also offers rapid prototyping, as well as CAD using Pro/E, UG and IDEAS, mould making and plastics moulding. Contact Information: 79 Chitrakoot Building, 230 - A, AJC Bose road, Calcutta, West Bengal 700 020; Tel: +91 33 2247 1036; Mob: +91 98300 89023; FX: (1) 91 33 247 7508 / India

MSME Tool Room, Kolkata FDM An Indian Government agency providing product design and prototyping services, and related business development services such as marketing, project management and training. / India

PH Polyplast SLS / India

Product Innovation and Development Center (PIDC), M. S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies FDM Scanning We support the companies addressing new product design & development effectively through the Product Innovation & Development Center (PIDC). The services are cost effective and ensuring high levels of quality. The services include - Industrial Product Design, Geometric Modeling, Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping (FDM). / India

Protosys Technologies Limited FDM Protosys Technologies India, offers services in rapid prototyping using FDM technology and produces replicas in UV resins, polyurethanes, epoxies by silicone molding and vacuum casting. / India

PSG College of Technology SLA FDM SLS Scanning TIFAC- CORE in Product Design Collaborative Product Commerce offers rapid prototyping, sand casting tooling, vacuum casting, scanning (mechanical & laser), free-form modelling, CAD/CAM services. Facilities include DTM Sinterstation plus, Stratasys MAXUM, MK1 Vacuum Casting Machine, Renishaw Cyclone and world's best CAD/CAM & VPDM softwares. / India

RAPITECH Solutions Inc. SLA FDM SLS 3DP / India

REN Technologies (India) Ltd. J-P Ren Technologies India Ltd is a market leader in Rapid Product Development providing Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing services to a diverse range of industry sectors, including Automotive, Aerospace, Dental, Medical, Architectural, White Goods, Marine, Defence and FMCG. [See also parent company 3D Concepts, above.] / India

think3D FDM think3D is India's largest 3D printing platform launched with the mission "3D Printing For All." At think3D, we offer high quality 3D printing service to customers across India. / India

VectraFORM Engineering Services EBM LOM Scanning / India

Vellore Institute of Technology-Technology Business Incubator [VITTBI] FDM We provide rapid prototyping and product development services to industry using our Stratasys Dimension FDM system. We can accommodate a build volume of 203 x 203 x 305 mm, and part wall thickness as low as 0.60 mm. Sturdy ABS plastic material is used in layers of 0.245mm or 0.33mm for fine resolution. VITTBI is a great place to build technology! / India



Metal Paint Products (Pvt.) Ltd. SLA Scanning / Pakistan




Nab Andish Bonyan Co. Ltd. (NAB Co. Ltd.) SLA SLS FDM NAB Co. Ltd. is the first Rapid Production and Manufacturing service bureaus in Iran. It has since grown into an Iranian supplier of plastic and metal prototype solutions. NAB Co. Ltd. offers a broad range of Rapid Prototyping, Tooling, Manufacturing (RPTM) and CAD/CAM/CAE software services. / Iran

PMMT (Pars Modern Manufacturing Technology) SLA SLS FDM 3DP LOM Scanning (Mostly in Farsi.) / Iran



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