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Polygon & Mesh Reduction and Manipulation

Altair Offers OptiStruct® which expands topology optimization support for 3D printing. The program provides topology, topography, size, and shape optimization.
E.G.S. s.r.l. (Enhanced Geometry Solutions) (Italy) Offers Leios Studio, reverse modeling program for reconstruction of Nurbs-based geometric models from point clouds; Leios Components, a set of point cloud and triangle mesh processing C++ libraries, and Leios Mesh, a low-cost application for 3D reverse engineering and surface reconstruction.
Floating Point Solutions Provides Meshworks for generating meshes from point clouds, and manipulating and editing the resultant files, and PointCloud for reverse engineering applications.
Geometry Systems Inc. Offers GSI Studio and GSI Mesh Studio for entertainment and engineering applications. The SW can directly control Minolta or Roland digitizers and has tools for mesh alignment, merging, smoothing, repair and other operations. Also provides GSI Crystal Studio for 2D and 3D laser sub-surface engraving applications, and GSI Viewer Studio for general 3D model viewing and display.
Indeed - Visual Concepts (Germany) The company's product amira® offers 3D file generation, surface modeling and rendering. It provides image segmentation and geometry reconstruction tools for creating 3D models from 3D image data such as CT, MRT, and confocal microscopy. Data can by output in various formats, including STL. Other fuctionality includes mesh editing and simplification, polygon reduction, file viewing, import and export of data in various formats.
InnovMetric Software Inc. (Canada) IMCompress polygon reduction software.
INUS Technology, Inc. (Korea) The company’s RapidForm2004 and rapidformXO reverse engineering software also includes polygon manipulation features. The Polygon module includes intelligent decimation, bad polygon healing, hole filling, smoothing plus Boolean operations, thickening, slicing, mirroring, deforming, morphing, engraving and more. See description under reverse engineering for main features.
Materialise Magics RP application enhances rapid prototyping and rapid tooling productivity with triangle manipulation, support generation, automatic tool design.
MachineWorks (UK) Their main eponymous product is used to simulate and verify CNC operations. Using core features from that software the company also provides Polygonica, a polygon modeling program for a number of fields such as AM and reverse engineering. Functions include repair, Boolean operations, file simplification, etc.
Robert McNeel & Associates Starting with a sketch, drawing, physical model, or an idea, Rhino provides tools to model designs for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing. It creates, edits, analyzes, and translates NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids in Windows. The application also supports polygon meshes and point clouds.
MecSoft Corporation Offers Visual3DPRINT, a plug-in for the VisualCAD modeler, and Rhino3DPRINT, a plug-in for the Rhinoceros modeler. They offer tools for preparing 3D data, such as point clouds and meshes, that the company says cannot be 3D printed otherwise.
MeshLab An open source application for processing and editing of 3D triangular meshes. It's aimed at processing of large, unstructured models generated by 3D scanning. It provides tools for editing, cleaning, healing, inspecting, rendering and converting meshes.
MeshMixer MeshMixer is available as a free evaluation program and still in the development stage. It permits manipulation of 3D mesh objects, including cut and paste, resizing and moving around, etc. It's much like a word processor for meshes. The program is now owned by Autodesk.
Pixologic Inc. Makes sculpting, texturing, and 2.5D painting application ZBrush. Two plug-ins extend the capabilities for export and manipulation of high resolution meshes: Decimation Master and 3D Print Exporter. Decimation Master is for optimizing the polygon counts of models with minimal loss of visual quality. 3D Print Exporter provides a direct interface to rapid prototyping and 3D Printing for ZBrush. In addition, provides Sculptris, a free entry-level but powerful application for artists wishing to explore 3D sculpting and digital creation.
Ripplon Software Inc. (Canada) Provides 'topeScope, an interactive viewer and file translator for Mac computers, running under Mac OS X. In demo mode, 'topeScope is a free STL viewer. The Plus version can read and write a variety file formats such as stl, obj, ply and others, as well as perform a number of mesh operations.
Solid Modeling Solutions (SMS) Solid Modeling Solutions (SMS) Offers PolyMLib for application developers, a software library for processing meshes resulting from 3D scanning processes. PolyMLib provides geometric processing methods to repair, optimize, review, and edit triangle mesh models. The company also supplies a wide variety of other kernel-level software products.
TNO Industrial Prototyping (Netherlands) Flash TL EngineerTM allows creation of 2D drawings from STL files and has STL file manipulation features such as editing, splitting, slicing, analysis, reduction and painting.
Uformia AS (Norway) Provides Symvol, a plug-in for Rhinoceros. It's a volume-based modeling add-on capable of creating water-tight organic or mechanical objects. Also provides MeshUp, a volume modeler for meshes. It permits mixing meshes, shelling, and repair and slicing of STL and mesh files.
Virtual Grid VRMesh Studio is designed for reverse engineering and mesh modeling and includes a set of tools for smoothing, decimating, merging, and marking point clouds. VRMesh Reverse provides reverse engineering workflow to wrap point cloud data into a meshed model. VRMesh Design is used for STL repair and conceptual design. It provides tools to create original models or modify scan data for rapid prototyping.
VizUp Technology (Canada) VizUp is a polygon reduction program that is said to permit reduction of the number of polygons in a complex 3D model while retaining the quality and appearance of the original.
Within Technologies Ltd. (UK) Provides Within Enhance, a lattice optimization program. Lattice topologies can be modified to provide controlled resolution, stiffness and other mechanical parameters. Typical applications are for medical implants, thermal transfer devices and other engineering functions.


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