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affordable 3D Printer Systems on additive3d

3D Printer Systems for Less Than US$5.000

The technology for 3D printing has been around for many years and now it is poised to move beyond prototyping into a high-end product and high-volume commercial manufacturing. Most industry players are using this technology in the market to advance their agenda through different design and manufacturing approaches. The technology is set to advance through loosely coordinated developments. In this article, we focus on 3D printer systems that cost less than US$5.000.

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3d vs RP prototype explained

What Is the Difference between an RP Machine and A 3D Printer

Most people often wonder the distinguishing factor between Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing; well, the two terms are used along each other and have distinctive similarities. For instance, they both build models layer by layer from STL data. RP, as it’s commonly known is a technical term for this type of additive manufacturing process while 3D is the colloquial terms for the same to make many people grasp the technology easily. However, RP is done at industrial-level while 3D is done at the level of the consumer. That said here are some major differences between the two.

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