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The Newest 3D Printers Support the Industrial Revolution

The definition of 3D printing is the process of creating solid, three dimensional objects using a digital file. The creation of this object is achieved through an additive process. Successive layers of material are layered until the desired object has been successfully created. The 4th industrial revolution is being supported by HP with their new 3D printers. Four new printers have been launched and are capable of printing multiple materials using an identical print and printing in full color. These 3D printers include the Jet Fusion 500 and 300. They are available in a choice of color or black and white models. This is the next logical step towards democratizing 3D printing.

The Voxel Level

This line was created for medium to small operations. The pricing is dependent on the specific configuration. This type of printer is a fairly significant investment but is not considered to be large for companies interested in development and prototype without the need to outsource. These two printers stand out from the competition because they are able to perform at a voxel level. The voxel level is very important because the voxel is similar to a 3D pixel. This is what 3D printers require to make any object and to create objects in full color. The technology of 3D printing is currently experiencing rapid growth. There are new purposes being discovered for these printers on a consistent basis.

The New Capabilities and Growth of the 3D Printer

HP is already working with the Yazaki Corp., the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Youngstown State University to discover new purposes for the technology of 3D printing. The Phoenix Children’s Hospital has been able to use 3D printing technology in full color to recreate a model of the heart of a patient that is both anatomically correct and contains a complex defect. The reason for this endeavor was to provide physicians a much better visualization of an optimal path for surgery. This model also makes it a lot easier for the doctor to explain how the procedure is accomplished to the family. This process involves much more than just the color. HP needs to develop numerous different materials. These will be used to optimize the voxel level of the Jet Fusion printers. HP is trying to boost their Open Platform by establishing partnerships with companies such as SolidWorks.

The Design of the 3D Printer

This means that while a design is being printed, the material can be changed by the Jet Fusion printer. This action is able to make alterations in the final product. A good example would be using 3D printing for a shoe insert. The top can be made from a material much like fabric. The shoe can provide optimal support with a springy platform. With 3D printing, this can be accomplished using just one process. This is exactly what the Jet Fusion printers have been created to accomplish. In addition, the printer can also add colors to the shoe. These printers are a good example of what can be accomplished using the latest advances in technology. HP believes 3D printing represents a vital component for the fourth industrial revolution. It does appear they are right on course due to the release of their new 3D printers, the consistent improvements and the program they have established to locate new partners.