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3D Printing Stores and Labs in Berlin

The idea of accessibility is being used in Berlin because it is believed that everyone should have the ability to become a maker and have access to 3D files, 3D printers, and 3D modeling software. Platforms, such as Thingivers; software, such as Meshmixer; and 3D printers are now available for affordable prices. As a matter of fact, there have been a growth spurt in this accessibility over the previous years. Places like universities have this technology available within their facilities, so that students can develop and research in their fields. Recently, the Technical University of Berlin (TU), for instance, has taken it a step further by making the accessibility of additive manufacturing by opening a student run “3D Printing Repair Café”.


This past April, the 3D Printing Repair Café celebrated its opening by providing students and even non-students with a space to try out the 3D printing technology. They can do this whether need a creative design model, a spare bicycle part, or just a custom made gift. Also, the space consists of Ultimaker brand 3D printers which were launched by the Society of Friends of TU Berlin.

This space also offers assistance in fostering the university’s maker community by providing numerous workshops and events in hopes for interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas. These workshops tackle areas, like building DIY 3D printers, and familiarizing with hand tools and machines.

For those interested, the 3D Printing Repair Café is located at the TU’s Charlottenburg Campus. For those not in Germany, the student run initiative is still worth reading because it provides a model in a creative and innovative space that is applicable for nearly any university.

In other reports, Formlabs, the Form 1+ desktop 3D printer creators, have recently announced further expansion of the EU market. In responding to the growing demands within the EU market, Formlabs opened its first office outside the United States. As a matter of fact, it’s located in the heart of Berlin in which offers greater support and service to Formlabs community within the EU.

Additionally, Formlabs recently announced an official distribution partnership with iGo3D. This is a desktop 3D printer’s distributor based in Germany. This partnership is focusing on enhancing support and sales for Formlabs’ customers in Germany and the ability in experiencing the printers in primarily being at iGo3D’s retail locations in Frankfurt, Oldenburg, Stuttgart, and Hamburg. The one in Hannover would be later. Also, the pricing for these items are affordable.

Lastly, companies like Trigonart, Objectplot, Botspot and blueprint 3D offer 3D printing stuff and services. Botspot is the first 3D printing store of Berlin recently opened. It’s located at the Moritz Platz in the Berlin-Kreuzberg area. This company claimed to possess the most comprehensive provision of 3D printing in Germany. Botspot offers full service in 3D which includes self-made 3D designs and architectural models, creating miniatures of customers, selling 3D accessories and printers, and 3D printing of everyday items. Consumers are able to buy 3D printers, such as the MakerBot, Solidoodle, Ultimaker, and Delta Tower.

Holocreators.com is located in the center of Berlin  and offers also very different 3D printing services, 3d-Figuren Druck individual techniques, materials, surfaces, and colors, for special orders are possible within a few days. 3D data can also be send online, so that there is no need to travel all day through the city. If you need an individual support; it’s obviously better to take the path. The company also helps you with paintings or unready files, questions of design and adequate technology.

TrigonArt Bauer Praus GbR
Gundelfinger Str. 43A
10318 Berlin
+49 30 34660330

Gundelfinger Str. 43A
10318 Berlin
Tel.: 030 – 34 660 331