Which One (3D Printer) Is the Best for You?

The best 3D printer is often determined by its cost and efficiency in delivering services. Different users of printers have different needs when it comes to selecting a printer that suits their needs. Despite the fact that almost all machines utilize the thermoplastic extrusion method, and the open-source technology, manufacturers using them will differ in various ways.

Choosing the right manufacturer of the machine is also another crucial step. Selecting a good company requires one to conduct an extensive research on the websites, web-forums, and ask important questions.

An individual may have to go deeper into their pockets to get a good product on the market. The factors to consider when purchasing a new printing machine include:

The Machine’s Specifications

The majority of the printing machines using the low-cost thermoplastic extrusion possess similar specifications regarding resolution and accuracy. However, the difference in these machines arises from the cost of materials used, the operation speed, and the size of the envelope used in building the printer machine. Checking the actual parts of the machine will give the user much information on its adaptability. Most of these machines will differ in their functioning even though they may possess similar specifications.

The ease of use of these machines also differs from one machine to another. Some manufacturers build their user-interface on top of the open source software making the machine easier to use. The process may, however, compromise some versatility of the machine.

Getting a more superior resolution than the one provided by an average thermoplastic extrusion machine is difficult. Individuals with restricted financial capabilities have the option of waiting to build a machine that is a copy of the Envisiontec’s Perfactory technology. These machines are built with a photopolymer; hence they end up giving perfect finishes than the thermoplastic extrusion-based polymers.

The Costs of Upgrading the Accuracy and Resolution

However, the photopolymers are known to be carcinogens, and also their properties have a long-term stability which is also associated with some challenges. The machines are not yet available for sale to the general public. The choice to have the resolution and accuracy is strictly of the machine upgraded and is still limited to the extrusion machines at a professional level.

The upgrade of these properties is limited to machines from professional companies such as Stratasys and others. The cost of upgrading the accuracy and resolution of these machines starts at 6,000 US Dollars and goes beyond 10,000 US Dollars. Objet’s jetted photopolymer technology provides the most attractive output; it costs about 20,000 US Dollars.

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